Acclaimed Tenor, Jack Foley was such a hit at last year’s Proms & Prosecco in the Park, that we’ve invited him to perform again this year. We caught up with Jack in between his busy performing schedule and a Buckingham Palace Garden Party to talk about all things Proms!

Jack, what it was like performing at Proms & Prosecco in the Park last year?

Proms & Prosecco 2017 was a fantastic experience for me, I loved every minute of the preparation, sound checking and the evening performance especially performing with some incredible talent, including the lovely Emily Haig.

What’s your lasting memory of the day?

It was the final ensemble chorus with the flag waving and audience participation, it really made the occasion go off with a bang!

How was it to perform at an event with so many ages in the audience and to see such young children enjoying your music?

It’s always a great pleasure for me to see the young and old enjoying the same music and having fun, the children really make an event like Proms & Prosecco special, they are not shy to come down to the front and dance – a lesson perhaps for us older ones!

Was it your first visit to Shropshire and how did you like it?

I’ve been to Shropshire before and I always enjoy coming back, I think it’s the rural appeal of Shropshire I like best with the beautiful towns and villages.

Why do you think we all still love the Proms after so many years?

I think our patriotism, nostalgia and sense of pageantry are the reason Proms are so successful in this country – no one do this like us Brits!

What is your favourite song to perform and why?

World In Union is my favourite to perform, not just for the cracking tune it is but the message behind the words, which I feel are more relevant today than ever in history.

What other performances and appearances are you looking forward to this year?

My ‘Magic Of The Musicals’ continues to tour at a theatre near you! I had a lovely day at Buckingham Palace in May as part of Prince Charles 70th birthday celebrations. I have a top secret performance later in the year that I am very excited about but unfortunately am unable to talk about, you’ll just have to find out more on my website or my social media outlets!

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s event?

This year I’m looking forward to an even bigger and better Proms & Prosecco in the Park, with an even bigger crowd to get behind the rousing music (plus the delicious food on offer!).