In between designing lighting plans and site visits, we caught up with Trevor Wilkins, Director of Stage & Studio Services, to find out more about his famous clients and what he has planned for this year’s Proms & Prosecco in the Park

How did you end up doing sound and lighting?

I was always interested in ‘behind the scenes’ things at school but after getting involved in sorting things for friends’ bands I was offered a job with a professional band in the early 80’s.

I started with lighting and pyrotechnics (which was pretty unsafe back then) and graduated onto sound and everything else over the years. That first band was a great apprenticeship though as there weren’t any real jobs offered anywhere. Over the years I also wrote for technical magazines, had two books published and toured many countries in various roles. I also recorded and filmed a lot of artistes and even took many photographs that were used commercially.

Can you tell us some of the big stars and famous people you have worked with?

I’ve worked on a wide range of shows and recordings with such diverse artistes as Peter Andre, John Williams, P!nk, Albert Lee, Focus, Uriah Heep, Ruby turner, Jonathan Ansell, King Crimson, Toyah, Styx, Nick Cave, Alexander O’ Neal, Boy George, Smokie, Neil Innes, Raymond Froggatt, tribute bands, choirs and many more.

Can you tell us any of their secrets or backstage riders?!

Not really! We have a saying that ‘What goes on the road, stays on the road’ but it definitely isn’t as glamorous or exciting as people think.

What’s your favourite memory of Proms & Prosecco in the Park last year?

The general vibe was so good, even when there was a little rain people just put up their brollies and carried on partying.

What are you working on at Stage & Studio Services this year?

We’ve got a wide range of projects including numerous festivals, conferences and also ‘special projects’ such as the ‘Ghostly Gaslight’ Halloween event. We’re very flexible and enjoy the diversity of what we do.

What have you got planned for Proms & Prosecco in the Park this year?

This year is bigger, better, more! After a successful first year and monitoring the sound levels carefully, we now we have the opportunity to push the sound levels with extra speakers and focussing the direction of it for those at the back who want it a bit louder. We’ll also be uprating the lighting spec and bringing in more crew. I’m a bit of a classical fan myself so I’m looking forward to the event (hopefully I’ll get time to enjoy it)!