Fizz Festivals is proud to be presenting Proms and Prosecco in the Park – a fabulous outdoor classical music festival in one of the most beautiful locations in Shropshire. We know what Prosecco is! We know what a Park is! But…… what is a Prom?!

Say the word ‘Prom’ to anyone and for most people, particularly at this time of year, it conjures up and image of the end of the school year, perhaps beautiful evening dresses, weird and wonderful forms and transport and probably even a financial headache for Mum and Dad! But, there is another type of Prom – one that has its roots planted in the UK rather than the US and is the very essence of ‘Britishness’!

Back in 1895 Henry Wood had the idea of creating concerts accessible to all, and they were performed outdoors in London’s pleasure gardens, where people were, strolling or promenading around, whilst listening to the performance – hence the name ‘Prom’ Jump forward a few decades and the concerts were moved inside the Royal Albert Hall with more than 100 taking place over the 7-week Proms season.

These days the Proms are a Great British institution. Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to London to hear the very best in classical music with performances from leading orchestras and vocalists from around the world. They are broadcast on radio 3 throughout the Proms season and each year something new is added. As part of the Proms season, there are now ‘’Electric Proms’ featuring pop and rock music, Children’s Proms and in 2016 there was even a Pete Tong Prom with dance music played by classical musicians!

But of all the Proms concerts, the most famous is the Last Night of the Proms. This is the culmination of the whole Proms season and it broadcast live in the BBC as well as on huge screens in Hyde Park, Cardiff and Edinburgh with thousands of people clamouring to buy tickets to these outdoor screenings.

The Last Night of the Proms has a very special atmosphere, not least because of the ‘Prommers’. These are the people you can see closest the stage, often draped in union jacks, wearing bowler hats or evening dress, or some sort of wacky clothing! They stand throughout the whole performance, sing, whistle and heckle the conductor and wave their flags. Not a stuffy classical music event then!

The Last Night of the Proms has many traditions, but perhaps the most famous of all is the music that is always played for the finale. Even if you don’t know any classical music at all, chances are you will know many of these pieces of music. Jerusalem – a favourite of so many people and sung by WI’s throughout the land. You’ll Never Walk Alone – known to be sung at one or two football clubs. Pomp and Circumstance – which many people know as Land of Hope and Glory and the rousing Rule Britannia. See? You probably know many more than your realised!

Proms & Prosecco in the Park on 9th September will include all of these favourites, sung by incredible vocalists, plus lots of other music you will know and love. From the beautiful sound of a string quartet playing the sort of music you will have heard at numerous weddings, through to some of the most popular music from the musicals – Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera and many more, Proms and Prosecco really will have something for everyone!

So, get together with your friends and family, bring a picnic, or even a table chairs and candelabra, indulge in a glass or two of fizz and get ready to wave your flags, sing along and enjoy a truly special event!

To see the Last Night of the Proms in action and enjoy a couple of minutes of great music, take a look here:  Last Night of the Proms